The morning cup: Wednesday, 10/20/10

I don’t want to be snarky and all, but Virginia Thomas needs to rethink a few things.  Extending an olive branch by asking for an apology is not extending an olive branch.  She called Anita Hill (of pubic-hair-on-Coke-can fame, now a professor at Brandeis University) at her office earlier this month asking Hill to finally come clean about the lies she told about Clarence all those years ago.  Problem is, Hill still stands by her accusations.  Let Andy Borowitz at The New Yorker make sense of this for you.

AMR Corporation, the parent company of American Airlines, announced today that they earned a profit in the 3rd quarter, for the first time in two years, due to increased summer travel.  This is big news in the financial world because airlines are like restaurants.  They seldom make money so it’s wise not to invest.  Does this mean American might reduce fares for holiday travel?  Please?

George Osborne, the UK’s treasury chief, will announce a major austerity plan to reduce the Britain’s national debt.  Welfare checks will be reduced or eliminated, tax hikes will be implemented, 1.2 million families will lose child benefit payments, and half a million public sector jobs will be lost.  But they’re going to balance their books, dammit, even if the Queen has to suffer.  Sacrifice: what a concept.

The Pentagon is no longer allowed to enforce Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, so Dan Choi, famous gay military man, West Point grad, Iraqi veteran AND discharged soldier, re-enlisted yesterday.  I like where this is going.  Now, if only the White House could regain their sanity on the issue.

Tuesday, Wednesday, happy days!  I used to slide down my staircase on a mattress at home in Encino with Erin “Joanie” Moran when we were kids.  Tom Bosley was always around at Miss Softball America games when I was young.  “Happy Days”, like “The Brady Bunch”, wasn’t just a television show to many of us who grew up in the San Fernando Valley in the 70s.  We knew these people.  Bosley died yesterday at age 83 of lung cancer.

The Starbucks Digital Network launches today.  Using their free Wi-Fi after you purchase your latte?  Yahoo partnered with the ubiquitous coffee seller to offer six channels to get all the content you need throughout the day.  Clearly, they’re going to come calling after Daily Cup of Jo.  I’m a perfect match.  (I won’t tell them of my love for Peet’s.)

The Rangers won yesterday and are now poised to eliminate the Yankees today in Game Five of the ALCS.  San Francisco is up two games to one in the NLCS over Philly and play again tonight.

Sometimes I think Maureen Dowd channels my thoughts.  She’d probably look at it the other way around, but whatever.  My dad died of lung cancer in 1997.  I jokingly say that had he lived, the Bush administration would’ve killed him.  My dad was a smart, well-informed man.  The glaring (and seemingly proud) ignorance of candidates these days is making him turn over in his grave.  So what that he was cremated.  Dowd visited the “flaunting ignorance” topic yesterday at The New York Times.

Will you be magnanimous today?

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