The morning cup: Tuesday, 10/19/10

Three donuts might be too many.

Some mornings, I’m scrambling to find stuff you really need want to know.  Let me rephrase that.  Some mornings, there’s just not much I give a crap about.  That said:

Texas looked goooooood last night against the Yankees.  They lead the ALCS two games to one.  The Phillies are in San Francisco this afternoon.

Some perspective on the true miracle of the Chilean miners: the remaining bodies of five Chinese miners from the blast October 16th were found today, bringing the total number of dead to thirty-seven.  On average, seven miners have died every day for the past year in Chinese mines.

Judge Virginia Phillips said no to the White House request for a stay on abolishing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.  Good for her.

A lot of privacy issues and fears have come to light of late involving Facebook and popular apps such as Farmville.  I hate Farmville, and I’m under no pretense that anything I do or say on social media networks is private.  So there.

In New York last night, the gubernatorial debate took place with all candidates participating, including Paladino and Cuomo AND a madam (read prostitution) and Jimmy McMillian, a mustachioed, glove wearing Al Sharpton-type who is the leader of The Rent is Too Damn High party.  Politics are often ridiculous.

Shots were fired at the Pentagon early this morning.  Really early.  Like before 5am.  No damage.  No details, as yet, to report.  But imagine setting your alarm, loading the shotgun…  Creepy.

Junior Seau was one of my favorite football players when he was with the San Diego Chargers.  Now, he’s in the hospital after driving his car off a cliff in Carlsbad, California, hours after he’d been arrested on a domestic violence charge.  Some guys just can’t do retirement.

Homer Simpson is Catholic.  I’m glad the Vatican has cleared this up.

Do you have a problem paying attention?  What did I just say?  Living in the present moment is a skill many of us lack on a regular basis.  Roger Fransecky reminds us why it’s so important, at HuffPo.

This moment, this day can feel evanescent.  Seize it.

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  1. Mare says

    Apparently the Vatican thinks Homer Simpson is Catholic, but I heard on the radio today that the producer says he’s Presbylutheran! This news story will clearly have legs…look for it on all of tomorrow morning’s talk shows.
    And I’d love one of those donuts!

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