Monday morning quarterback: Chile, hiking in the rain, Girl Scout cookies, the Closing Ceremonies and health care (once more, with feeling)

Goodbye.  I'll miss you.

Goodbye. I'll miss you.

The world: Chile.  Really, what is there to say?  8.8?!  Having been through two 6.8 earthquakes, I confidently shared my knowledge of the Richter Scale yesterday, reporting that with each decimal point increase, the quake feels ten times greater.  That would make the Chile temblor about two hundred times more powerful than Northridge in 1994.  “I can’t even imagine,” is what I said to my friend.  According to an article I read in the Los Angeles Times yesterday, I was way off.  Chile’s earthquake was five hundred times more powerful than Haiti’s recent 7.0 catastrophe.  On the bright side, Chile was about as prepared as any country could be to withstand a quake of that magnitude.  Regardless, the death toll is now over seven hundred.

Motherhood: If you read my recent article, you know that Griffith Park is one of my favorite spots in Los Angeles.  Its offerings are many and its charms really shine on a cloudy day.  Everything looks greener and, at the Trails Café, the cappuccino seems richer.  Even the girls stopped protesting the fact that my husband and I had the nerve to pull them away from Phineas & Ferb, after we reached the park on Saturday.  We started our hike from the café up to the Observatory and halfway there, got caught in a rainstorm.  Further proof that getting children out and into nature is good for them?  Not one of them complained.  They enjoyed using their umbrellas, or not and just getting wet.  Once at the Observatory, it was fun stepping on the various scales that predict what your weight would be on different planets.  I’d weigh one pound on Pluto, but there was no indication that my jeans would fit any better.

Can we talk about Girl Scout cookies again?  As my friend Michelle observed, they’re like crack to some people.  During this season of Thin Mints and Samoas, my life has been consumed with Miss T and her insatiable need to sell enough boxes to receive the “panda-monium” gift set.  With over 250 boxes sold so far, she’s well past “panda” and close to the fully-loaded, silver 2010 Toyota Camry.  I’m so damn proud of her.

Movies: hey, we watched “Inglorious Basterds” Saturday night (on the Apple TV, of course) and it’s a really good movie.  How’s that for a detailed, erudite review?  I have the same reaction to Tarantino’s movies as I do to Paul Thomas Anderson’s.  About halfway through their films, I want to go read a book or tickle my children.  I recognize their talents but only for about eighty minutes or so.  I enjoyed “Inglorious Basterds” all the way through. Great characters, suspense, drama, action, dialogue.  I think it’s Tarantino’s best.

The Olympics: I thought the closing ceremonies were odd.  There was a kitchen-sink feeling to it all, as in “they threw in everything but the kitchen sink”.  Helium floats of beavers and moose, dancing Mounties, cocoon women hanging from wires – the kitchen sink might’ve been in there for all I know.  But I’ve never really been into the Closing Ceremonies.  I’m all sad when things come to an end and I tend to avoid that kind of sorrow.  What I won’t miss, though, are the late nights.  I had fun in Vancouver but it nearly wrecked me with exhaustion.  What a hockey game yesterday!  I wish we’d won but, really, wasn’t it nice to not outshine our hosts on the last day of competition?

Healthcare: I’m not letting this go.  I’ve written that there will be “no status quo” on healthcare, and that Lamar Alexander’s statements about the American people’s opposition to Obama’s proposal was misleading.  The New York Times has apparently been loitering around Daily Cup of Jo, because they’re lifting my ideas and claiming them as their own.  Geez.  Anyhow, please, please read these illuminating articles about healthcare reform that were in yesterday’s NY Times Week in Review section, and then pass them along to all of your friends, regardless of what party they claim as their own.

The Cost of Doing Nothing on Healthcare by Reed Abelson

Opinion Polling: A Question of What to Ask by Dalia Sussman

Tomorrow: a serious tidbit

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  1. Mark Pinto says

    I agree with you about Tarantino and about Inglorious Basterds. Really was his best. At least of those I’ve seen.

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