The 5th day of Thanksgiving

(This is not an endorsement nor admonishment for either company, but I switched from AT&T to Time Warner Cable today and my internet has been down during the install – hence, this late post. I know you’ve been on the edge of your seats about the 5th day so…)

ON THE FIFTH DAY OF THANKSGIVING, MY TRUE LOVE GAVE TO ME: FIVE DECORATIVE GOURDS…4 collanders3 fancy breads2 turkeys brining and a pork shoulder of carnitas.

You have to respect gourds. They’re the elephant man of the plant family and yet we find them so attractive, they’ve become essential for decorating a Thanksgiving feast. What the heck is a gourd anyway? It’s a squash-like member of the cucurbitaceae genus. Do you really want to know more? Their shells are so hard that, in addition to decorating with them, they can become unique musical instruments and/or serving vessels. However, I have bowls from Target and a purple Hannah Montana guitar in the corner of my living room so I’ll just be putting the gourds on the table alongside a few dried Indian corn things, a tiny pumpkin and some fallen leaves I found lying on the sidewalk around the corner from my house.

Between the various sights and smells drifting through a Thanksgiving home, including a fire in the fireplace (who cares if it’s 75° and sunny outside?!), there’s a reason why so many of us dote on this holiday. Play some relaxing music* on the stereo/iPod and turn on the football game (Green Bay at Detroit and Oakland at Dallas) in the other room and you and your guests won’t be so eager to see it end and the frenzied holiday season to begin. 

*I’m sending you to to listen to some George Winston. (Listen and then buy.) His Autumncollection is so peaceful, and his song “Thanksgiving” from the December CD is a must, not just for the obvious name but because it will soothe your soul and make you want to hit your knees in gratitude for whatever you’re particularly thankful for this year. Listening to this song and thinking about my three healthy children makes me tear up. Mothers everywhere know that crying is therapeutic.

Next: six cups of green beans

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